Drop Out Inherited A Lot

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Joe, who has spent the past year on the streets after he dropped out of college with a big debt.

Joe had inherited a lot of money without knowing it — and his familiarity with the local law helped him to claim it.

Johnson (LAPD) had cited Joe 4 times over the year for various minor offenses, including drinking in public.

Joe was taken to jail for outstanding warrants.

But then Ethan (brother) told authorities about the inheritance — and askedJohnson to help get his brother back to Florida — and his new life of wealth. Johnson asked the city Prosecutor to arrange for Joe’s early release.

Before leaving Long Beach on a Greyhound bus late Thursday, Joe said he felt “great” and that he looked forward to seeing his Brother who he loved with whole his hart.

When asked what he planned to do with the money, Joe said, “pay off his college dept, get his life back together and surprise his brother with a new car.”

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