The Top 5 Herbs for Weight Loss

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If you want to lose weight, you know the only way to ensure healthy progress and lasting success is by changing how you eat and increasing your activity level. However, there are a number of herbs that can help this journey along by speeding up your fat-burning metabolism or stifling cravings. These five herbs can accelerate your body’s natural ability to eliminate body fat safely and effectively.

1. Hoodia gordonii

Hoodia gordonii made serious gains in popularity a few years ago during which time its beneficial properties became more well-known by the general public. Now, the dust has settled a little, but pure Hoodia gordonii is still an effective weight loss aid with serious backing. Used by hunters in desert regions of Africa, the herb helps reduce cravings and allows you to cut calories without feelings of deprivation. Because there are many weight loss products that boast the Hoodia gordonii name, be certain that what you are getting is the real thing.

2. Damiana

Damiana is a wild shrub native to the West Indies, Mexico, and Central America. It has a variety of uses, especially as a weight loss aid. This could be because of its effects on the digestive system, sometimes encouraging loose stools and the subsequent loss of water weight. However, one study showed that when paired with other herbs, damiana helped delay gastric emptying, which provided a sense of fullness for a longer period after eating.[1]

3. Gymnema

Gymnema is a herb native to Africa that has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine. It is said to balance blood sugar levels. It is said to block sugar absorption and stop sugar cravings, a major contributor to some people’s weight problems.

4. Kelp

Kelp is rich in iodine, a substance that can aid in weight loss. A significant iodine deficiency can lead to hypothyroidism—a condition linked to weight gain. In addition to helping with weight loss, kelp helps to regulate thyroid function.

5. Green Coffee Bean

Contrary to what you may think, the weight loss benefits of green coffee bean do not come from caffeine, and it is not a stimulant. A natural compound in green coffee bean, chlorogenic acid, however, is shown to increase fat absorption and stop weight gain. A study of green coffee bean extract showed that those supplementing with green coffee bean lost an average of 17 pounds over a 12 week period.[2]

Where to Find These Herbs

The only real key to weight loss is proper diet and exercise. However, herbs can help supplement an overall healthy lifestyle. Some of these herbs are fairly common; you may even find them at your local grocery store. For others, you may need a specialty health food shop or trusted online retailer. In a best case scenario, you could even find all these herbs in one convenient blend.

Well, things just became best case. For an extra nutritional boost to your weight loss plans, I recommend you try Global Healing Center’s Slimirex®. Slimirex is a powerful blend of all the herbs mentioned here and more. It can fire up your metabolism, help control your appetite, and energize your body in a natural way.

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